At ShipItHomeUSA the last thing a winery needs to worry about is the logistics of shipping!


With the ShipItHomeUSA web portal, you simply enter your order taken in the tasting room, and we do the rest. We pack your wine in temperature protecting boxes, and ship it when the tourists will be home to receive it.


You maintain your customers contact information for further contact and reorders. We believe that no one gets rich selling wine just once,  so our goal is to help you sell again and again.


Upon each sale we generate to you an Order Confirmation and monthly, a recap of all your sales.


We believe it is VERY important to capture the sale in the tasting room. After your customers leave your property, they probably go to a tasting at another winery. With our platform you can capture the sale before it’s too late.


And when the tourists come back home, they will be delighted to share your wine with friends, spreading positive word-of-mouth about your products.













 • Sell cases instead of bottles • Create a database of loyal customers • Create a wine-club • We can work with your importer and distributor • Our low shipping cost encourages tourists to buy • Appeals to tour operators to bring tourists • Direct to consumer sales are your most profitable sales • Quickly establish a foothold in the competitive US market


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