1 - ShipItHomeUSA understands the winemaker has a lot to do, and the last thing they need to worry about is logistics. There are 2 options for how we can help you sell more:


We can buy your wine directly from your US distributor.


Or, if you do not have a US distributor for a small fee per case (12 bottles), we take care of the following:


• We pick up your wine at your estate

• We transport it to the closest port

• We ship the wine in a temperature controlled container  to the USA

• We provide importation and clearing through US customs

• We store the wine in our warehouse

• We ship the wine to the consumer’s home when the order is placed in your tasting room.

(List of states we are allowed to ship to here)


2 - To get started, we build a webpage for you, which serves as your order entry portal. The cost of building the webpage and the license for the software are a one-time fee.










• Sell cases instead of bottles


• Create a database of loyal customers



• Create a wine-club



• We can work with your importer and distributor



• Our low shipping cost encourages tourists to buy



• Appeals to tour operators to bring tourists



• Direct to consumer sales are your most profitable sales



• Quickly establish a foothold in the competitive US market



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